Going the Extra Mile

These are our community partners and event sponsors, who we are so proud to travel alongside.

If you want to become a sponsor of The Parent Trip, please reach out. We accept support in the form of advertisment for our next event, donations to our raffle baskets, goods to host giveaways with for our community, services for our attendees or providers, funds, and so much more.

Please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page to reach us about partnership opportunities.

Sponsorship Tiers

Grandparents: You don’t have to ask to send them pictures, because you know they want them. They’re as invested as you are, sometimes raising your kids right alongside you. 

Besties: They will show up for you in the middle of the night, no questions asked. 

Auncles: Aunts, Uncles, Auncles, blood or chosen, these people love your kids like their own.

Neighbors: Those people who you lean on nearly every day! Whether it’s for a cup of sugar or to keep an eye on your rollerskating kid while you pee, your neighbors have your back!



PDX Parent

PDX Parent offers Portland’s most widely-read resources both in print and online for all things families, from the best tips on where to play, eat and shop with your kids to well-researched stories on the health and education issues that matter to you. In theirr magazine and on their website, and you’ll find great giveaways, guides, reviews and stories that are fun, smart, local and just a little offbeat — just like PDX families.


Breylan Deal-Erikson

Buying and selling a home can feel a lot like climbing a mountain.  There are obstacles you must overcome; unexpected challenges and a lot of times you need to improvise with what you have learned.  I climb those mountains right alongside my clients, focusing on sharing my experience and knowledge so that you can find the best path for you to the top.  With my background in mortgages I can help you make the best of not just this transaction, but your financial future.  I help you plan for the long-term and get you to that life you have been dreaming about one transaction at a time, your REALTOR® for life.

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Past Events


We began The Parent Trip in the spring of 2019, featuring four gift baskets filled with items from our providers to spoil our attendees. When we broke $1,000 in value, we were blown away.

We have grown so much since then! And it is all thanks to the participation of local businesses, like you, who value supporting parents on their journey.


Thank you for your donations!


As of our December 2020 events, we’ve gifted over $20,000 worth of goodies and services to families from the Portland area. We couldn’t have done it without generous donations from Parent Trip providers as well as other amazing businesses.


Want to join in the joy of spoiling these parents or parents-to-be? Fill out the form below!