Olivia Spitzer (L) and Sarah Fuller (R),
event founders and co-coordinators

Our Drive

The Parent Trip was born from a Portland need.

In 2018 Olivia and Sarah were both perinatal professionals, working in-home with families.  While meeting with our clients and responding to their conerns, we often found ourselves recommending further avenues of care, and we both were met with the same response, again and again: “I know that could help me, but I just don’t have time.”

Whether these were first time parents or families with kids in preschool, the theme was a constant one: serious interest, but not knowing where or how to start.

We set out to fill this need.

The Parent Trip is a totally free, bi-annual event where families can come and meet providers without an appointment, under one roof, at one time.


We built this event intentionally. There is only one provider representing each modality of care for reason – we are not looking to sell you on services, we’re hoping to answer your questions and help you make quality connection.

Inclusive care is our goal. We have hand chosen our providers because it is important to us to make a safe space where every type and tenor of family is seen and supported.

Maybe you’re curious about how acupuncture can ease your pregnancy discomfort.

Maybe you have heard of lactation support but you don’t know what it looks like in practice.

Maybe you’ve been meaning to go out and connect with other parents at the same stage of life but just haven’t found the right avenue.

The Parent Trip was built to answer these questions, offer this support, and fill this need. We all know the adage that it takes a village to raise a child – The Parent Trip brings the village to you, and then we all hit the road together.

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