What is The Parent Trip?

This is a FREE event for expecting parents and families of young childrenĀ to come and meet local practitioners in a low-stakes atmosphere.

Have you been meaning to find a family photographer you love?
A chiropractor who specializes in pregnant bodies, postpartum bodies, or infants?
Looking for a great parent-focused exercise class?

Are you feeling overwhelmed just from the idea of beginning to search? Let us help you navigate!

We’ve brought all these professionals together for you, under one roof, for one afternoon!
No appointments, no consulting fees, no scheduling neccesary.

Come by for conversation and stay for connection and community.

Why The Parent Trip?

Because parenting is a journey no one should have to travel alone.

“We were considering another child for the first time in nearly 13 years.
I left feeling so empowered and educated.
It was an event that was clearly designed to put power back into parents hands.”
– Attendee of April 2019 event

Interested in being a provider?

Each modality of care has one business representing it, east and west side.
If your speciality spot is not filled or represented, please reach out through our contact form on the FAQ page.

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